WWI era poster of uncle sam and lady liberty welcoming chamber founders

- 2023 -
A Year of Founders

Our Cost Structure is Simpleā€¦

  • $149 for Solopreneurs

  • $249 for “Small Businesses” of 2 to 99 Employees

  • $449 for Businesses with 100+ Employees


  • Chambers of Commerce are Free To Join if One Or More of Their Members Join the American Chamber of Commerce.

Special Pricing Reserved for Founding Members:

  • The renewal cost remains the same as the starting cost for the life of the business!
    • For example, if you start a business as a student, you will continue to renew at that price in perpetuity for that business.
  • Transfer of ownership retains the original cost.
  • Our fees are very low, and the ONLY certainty of income the Chamber receives.
    • There are NO REFUNDS for any reason, including account cancellations and/or terminations for cause.
    • We are here to minimize Member expenses, including keeping Chamber costs as low as possible.
    • If you Join, you Join Until You Cancel.
      • You must cancel BEFORE your account automatically renews.
      • If you cancel, your profile will be permanently deleted.
      • You lose your original Founder pricing, and will be subject to the current cost for new business entities.
    • You may maintain, and then transfer your uninterupted account status to a new entity and preserve your permanent Founder renewal price status.
    • Founding Partners may add unlimitted additional businesses at the same rate as their original business entity for so long as they maintain one active annual renewal.


Ready to be a Founding Member?

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