an image of an eagle taken from old US currency, below a banner displaying the words E Pluribus Unum with a subtitle regarding a commitment to an oath of excellence

"Committed to an Oath of Business Excellence"

E Pluribus Unum... Out of Many, One

The American Chamber of Commerce is here to do business... Good Business.

We expect nothing less from our Members.

Joining indicates that each Member agrees to abide by our "Oath of Business Excellence."


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American Chamber of Commerce

  • Membership is Reserved for Those who are Committed to Business Excellence.
  • I Only Intend to do “Good Business.”
  • My Business Offers a Mutually Beneficial Relationship.
  • My Business Will Maintain Very High Professional Standards.
  • Spammers, Data Harvesters & Frauds have No Place in the Chamber.
  • We Will Refrain from Nefarious Activity that may Damage Any Person or Business.
  • We Will Protect the Rights & Dignity of Others, be they Members or Customers.
  • Our Business Goal is Long-Term Success... Not Instant Victory at Any Cost.
"By Joining the American Chamber of Commerce,
We Commit to this Oath of Business Excellence."
1950s image of usa between several major cities across the country representing the chamber's national business network

Thank You for Setting a High Professional Standard for
the Members of the American Chamber of Commerce!